About Us


About Share Coin x-change

Share Coin Exchange is building the Crypto Currency Exchange – An easily accessible, effective, and transparent financial system enabled by crypto Markets.

Share Coin Exchange started with the motive of anyone from the universe should be able to easily and securely send and receive BTC and other cryptocurrencies. Today, we offer loyal and most convenient ways for accessing the broader crypto economy.

Share coin Exchange follows the footprints of Market Caps on coin prices depends on the supply and demand chain of markets. Our Exchange provides cryptocurrencies best in the market with best liquidity & convertibility, more scalability with excellent permanence, and high security.

Why we are the best for you

Share coin Exchange has a very simple interface that can be used by beginners to advanced crypto enthusiasts.

Share coin is a very secured Crypto Exchange that follows the best standards of the industry in terms of Security, KYC, and other standard norms with the round the clock customer support.